Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Promising Practices Letter

Dr. Emdin,

Your keynote at the Promising Practices conference really resonated with me.  It felt like you were talking to me - when I was a student.  When I was suffering through math and science classes being halfway conscious.  When I was equivocally being told that I would amount to very little.  In the spirit of HipHopEd I wrote a poem which reflects my experience as a teacher dealing with the issues of a dysfunctional system.

Every day across our nation scientists walk into our schools
And, Every Day across our nation science students walk out.
Scientists are inquisitive, curious, intrigued - prying, spying, snooping
Intrusive-ly pushing in - searching, seeking - for meaning.
That spark that lights their way slowly turning into doubt.
Slowly stripped of their desire - scien-tists become science-students.
Being told instead of showed because there is no time.
Memorize don’t internalize because there is - no - time.
No time!
No - time?

Jamila Lyiscott: 3 Ways to Speak English shares her perspective on being "articulate".

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